Categorize: Anything regarding the sectional crisis

Author: John C. Calhoun (Vice President)
Place and Time: 1850

Prior Knowledge:
-Calhoun was the vice president in Jackson's administration
-He was an advocate for states' rights.
-He was pro slavery southerner that believed the North passed federal laws unfair to Southerners.
-Calhoun was the senator of South Carolina in 1850 pushing for "equality" of North and South.

-Calhoun most likely wrote this proposal for the general public.
-American Citizen

-He wanted to stir the American public to take action against the inequalities of the American government, in regards to North and South.

The Main Idea (Significance)
-Calhoun, a southerner, believed that the North had an advantage over the South in the legislative branch. This would endanger the Union because the South could possibly secede if such inequalities persisted.