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I. Author: undefined. unknown. not important.

II. Place and Time: US and Mexican border. California. During Mexican American War (1846-1848)

III. Prior Knowledge: the presence of territorial dispute. Annexation of Texas dispute. Manifest Destiny: US's will to expand.

IV. Audience: for Americans. not important.

V. Reason: to show where the US victory and Mexican victory occurred. also shows the US troop movements and Mexican troop movements. More importantly, it highlights the territory ceded by Mexico in 1848.

VI. The Main Idea: new territory (from Mexico) was obtained. California is defined as the territory ceded by Mexico based on the map. This new territory would arouse the issue of slavery issue, since the US would have to decide whether to accept the areas as slave states or free states.

VII. Significance: Why is this source important? What inferences can you draw from this document? Ask yourself, “So what?” in relation to the question asked. - This map shows the land mass that had been ceded by Mexico. With the new territory it obtained, the US was again in the situation in which it had to face the conflicting issue of slavery. This is significant, since the balance between free and slave-holding states was often threatened by the territories that attempted to newly join the Union, leading the US gradually to the path towards the Civil War.